Computer Medics is different from almost all Computer Support Companies and this is why:






  The Problem With Todays Computers
Computers are complicated, ever-changing, expensive, and do not come with an instruction manual. Each day, home and business users are becoming more and more reliant on their computer systems, the data they store, and their networks. Most users don’t understand how computers work, and are never trained on how to use them, and don’t have an easy way to get answers. To make things worse, manufacturer customer support is at an all-time worst: a typical support phone call involves 30 minutes of hold time and an overseas conversation with an unskilled call center worker who speaks poor English.
  The Computer Medics Solution
We call ourselves Computer Medics for a reason – it’s because we are usually the first responders to an issue. With todays Computers and the Internet being so fast we often see issues where there is no “cookie cutter” approach available to fix it. Most computer repair companies will just tell you the problem can’t be fixed and that your computer needs to be reformatted (erased), we at Computer Medics use our expertise and experience to fix the real problem and more importantly prevent the problem from happening again.

Computer Medics doesn’t just fix problems, we explain to you what happened and how to avoid it in the future. We take pride in teaching you as we work so that you can feel comfortable with your computer systems. We try to finish our sessions with you having a new sense of security and competence. This is our unique approach in the computer industry, and our clients absolutely love it.

  We Are Not Geeks!
Geeks drool over Computer & Technology but lack Social and many other skills that make up a good Technician
Our staff is passionate & extremely knowledgeable with years of real experience in Computer Technology. Unlike our corporate competitors with the cute little cars and the big box stores, we don’t take unskilled staff and make them memorize a flowchart to diagnose a problem. We take highly skilled and experienced technicians and teach them the Computer Medics methods. Our staff is Friendly, Personal, Professional and speak the same English Language that you do.
  Websites That Sell Your Business Not Ours
The same Computer Medics philosophy is applied to our Web Site work. We want our design work to be personal and effective. We don’t just make cookie-cutter sites out of cheap templates – we hand code every site specifically for our clients. Before beginning a new Web Site, we always sit down with the client and learn about their business, their needs, and their ideas. With this we can create sites that actually mean something to the client and to their customers. We believe in simplicity and easy navigation so that visitors find the information they need and don’t get lost.
  Computer Medics History:
I started Computer Medics back in 1999. Computer Medics was so succeesful that in 2002 we began selling Franchises Worldwide with the Mat-Su location being the business model. As of January 2011 there are over 80 Computer Medics Locations. We are proud to have taken a small Alaskan business Worldwide yet remain small out here in the Valley to serve our clients as we have over the last decade.

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