computer repair   Desktop & Laptop Computer Repair
Whether it’s replacing a noisy fan or replacing a broken display on your laptop. We can fix anything.
virus   Virus, Trojan Horse, Adware, and Spyware Removal & Prevention
If you think you might be infected you probably are. We can clean that bug out and suggest software that will help prevent it from happening again.
Computer Speed   Tune-up’s
Over time junk builds up in your computer which slows it down. We can clean it up and make it useable again.
upgrades   Upgrades
We can install more memory, upgrade your hard drive, or install a better video card for those games.
networking   Networking
Wired and Wireless Networks repaired, installed, and configured with security and performance of utmost importance.
Backup Systems   Backup Systems
Whether it be family photos, emails, or an important database, no one wants to lose their data. We can install an automated backup program that will notify you by email that your data is backed up safely.
data recovery   Data Recovery
Whether it be from a damaged Hard Drive, Floppy Drives, CDRoms, DVD’s and all types of Flash Memory used in Digital Cameras and Memory Sticks. If it holds data we can usually recover it.
document digitizing   Document Digitizing
We can convert all your old paper documents to Adobe Acrobat PDF files. We can store them on DVD if you’d and even create an catalog type page to organize thousands of documents.
Service Contract   Service Contracts
If you have a business you can schedule us to come out on a schedule to verify that your network, backups, updates, & security software are all functioning properly (Preventive Maintenance Solutions).
remote Desktop   Remote Control
We can connect to your computer using remote control software to fix simple problems. We can also install software on your computer that let’s you control it from another computer easily and securely without having to pay a fee every month.
web hosting   Web Design and Hosting Services
We can sit down with you and discuss your options with regards to creating a site for you. No arm twsting or sales pitches. For a few hundred dollars you can give your business a presence on the Internet. We can also give you tips on Marketing and what scams to watch out for.
computer recycling   Computer Equipment Disposal
If you have some old Computer Equipment that is just taking up space we can dispose of it properly for you. We will remove your hard drives where the data is stored and drill them with holes to make any data unrecoverable then send them to our Recycling Partner. Please don’t throw them in the landfill, they are full of toxic metals that we don’t need in our drinking water or streams. Costs are $15 each for large items (no charge for small items such as keyboards, mice, cords, portable drives).
ip camera   Security Cameras
We can install Wired or Wireless IP Cameras that do not need to be connected to a computer to function. These cameras connect using either a network cable or wireless connection. These cameras can be accessed from any other computer connected to the Internet (password protected or not) for a live feed and they can be configured to email or upload photos to a secure website if they detect movement.

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